Becoming a Mr Roof Installer: Empowerment is KEY

The Empowerment of our technicians is at the core of our values.​

One of the most important core values that our company embodies is empowerment. We believe it is a powerful weapon that allows individuals to persevere and prosper, giving them the tools to shape the destiny they aspire to. Our human resources policy is to create an environment that encourages our employees to explore their leadership strengths and creativity.  

Construction is an important sector that greatly contributes to the prosperity of any country. Any infrastructure or real estate erected around us is entrusted to segments of the construction industry. Hence, construction workers who execute these projects are at the centre and are essential to the economic advancement of our societies. Giving the right tools and opportunities to experienced and hardworking technicians can help them form strong competitive advantage. In particular, with further upskilling and autonomy, they can grow from employees to independent small business owners who contribute to adding significant value to the entire sector: On the one hand, the entrepreneurship journey allows them to grow on an economic and individual level. On the other, the independence and improved well-being  translates into greater performance, quality of work and precision.  

The success of our model lies in the successful installation of our products.  

At Mr ROOF, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our mission and we want to make the experience as enjoyable as it can be for our customers. Part of achieving a quality service, is ensuring that the installation of our roofing products is entrusted to professional and certified teams who conform to applicable standards and norms.  

The first step in forming our network of accomplished and talented installers is identifying eligible applicants with at least three years' experience in construction, preferably with a welding or carpentry background. We vet them based on a technical evaluation of their experience, with verified references of executed projects. Once their technical skills are assessed, we look into their leadership characteristics; if they embody some of the company’s core values, we recruit them into a 2-month paid internship program. During that time, they follow a technical curriculum both in classroom and on-site that familiarises them with our products and installation methods. We also provide our interns with important soft skills such as financial literacy, marketing & personal branding as well as leadership enhancement skills. Equipped with these tools, our interns are then ready to start their journey as individual sub-contractors and form their own team recruiting other qualified construction technicians.  

More than sub-contractors, our Mr Roof installers become our partners.  

The main advantage of joining our network of sub-contractors, is the Mr Roof’s marketing support and brand awareness – our installers become our partners and benefit from the increased income that result from our revenue-sharing scheme without experiencing the risks of failure usually associated with entrepreneurship. We are in charge of bringing projects to the table of our installers while their responsibility is to provide professional and high-quality installation. In addition to our training support and skills enhancement, we also accompany our  sub-contractors in the financing of a complete toolbox that include all the power tools and hand tools they will need for their team. Another benefit is our products' ease & rapidity of installation, which allow for considerable time savings as compared to traditional roofing materials.  We invite capable Rwandan construction technicians with building experience to share into our growth and empowerment journey!  

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