From huts to the industrial buildings of the present era, roofs have been at the heart of concerns since the existence of mankind.​

Although they are often overlooked, roofs are more than just a layer, or a covering. No matter what they look like, roofs are the most important part of every home. If you care about comfort in your home, the safety of its occupants, want to save on maintenance costs, and want to enhance your home's value, then you need a good roof!

With the variety of options when it comes to roof covering materials, there are many important factors to consider in order to make the right selection. There are so many different types of roof materials on the market, so knowing which one to choose can be a challenging task. According to "Rwanda's 5th Population and Housing Census" done in 2022, approximately 74.1% of households have iron sheets for their roofs versus 25.6% who have local tiles. In addition to its cost competitiveness, metal roofing has been a popular alternative for residential roofs because of its durability. Indeed, if longevity is key, metal roofing sheets are the best option with a life expectancy of up to 50 years. They are both lightweight and cost-effective, and offer the best resistance to wind, rain and other extreme weather conditions, resulting in minimal maintenance efforts and easy cleaning. Unlike other type of roofing materials, they're very versatile and can be altered with different finishes that improve appearance. 

Among metallic roofing options in Rwanda, our self-lock roofing sheet is a fierce competitor that comes with a unique value proposition and is a great choice for home-owners looking for a long-lasting and attractive roofing solution. Self-lock roofing consist of individual panels that lock onto one another with the inter-locking ensuring our roofs a perfect seal and a water-tight barrier. This system avoids direct nailing on the roofing sheets, which not only reduces water infiltration points but also gives them an elegant appearance. The panels are made from hot-dipped aluminium and zinc coated steel sheets that undergo several treatments, giving them increased longevity and a long lasting colour.Let's dive deeper into why the self-lock roofing system is an excellent option for homeowners or real estate developers undertaking roofing projects: 


We understand that not everyone likes the look of a traditional metal-coloured roof but one of the main attribute of the self-lock panels is their increased aesthetic value. Many people like their eye-catching appearance. Architects appreciate the sharp, clean lines provided by rigid seams, as well as the brilliant colour choices that give “pop” to their projects. 


If a metal roof leaks, it usually happens where a screw enters the sheathing or two panels meet. The seam between two panels in this arrangement is raised above the roof deck, preventing seam leakage. A screw tightened too much or too little on a conventional metal roof might cause a leak. A self-lock roof provides the most excellent waterproofing system since no screws penetrate the panels. 


The most common damage that happens in a house or other structure during windy weather is in the roofing systems. For this reason, builders should ensure that their roofs will stand up as resiliently as possible in high wind conditions. Self-lock roofs are generally considered better able to face high winds than traditional roofing systems because of the interlocking system and the mid-rib for lateral stability. 

4. "GREEN" 

Our Self-lock roofing system matches today’s lifestyles in another way too: it’s environmentally-friendly. Due to their high recycled content, these roof panels are ideal for green building projects. They can be recycled at the end of their life-cycle to be reused in new steel products. 


One of the most important feature of the self-lock roof is that it requires little to no maintenance.The only maintenance required is occasional inspection and basic cleaning once a year to keep the roof looking good. In addition to the quality paint technology that ensures a long lasting colour, there are no exposed screws that need to be tightened regularly, no screw heads that collect dirt and debris, and no screws that cause rust or corrosion.

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