Make Sure the Roof Over Your Head, Has You Covered!

From huts to the industrial buildings of the present era, roofs have been at the heart of concerns since the existence of mankind.​

Roofs have inspired idiomatic expressions such as “having a roof over one’s head”, that showcases their direct association with a shelter, one of the most basic needs at the base of Maslow's hierarchy of human needs. Hence, if a shelter was once defined as a cave, today it has become synonymous with a proper roof above one’s head. Your roof is the covering of the uppermost part of your building that stands between your shelter and the exterior world. If it is in good condition, your roof provides you protection against animals, bad weather, mainly rain or snow, but also heat, wind and sunlight. But if your roof is in poor shape, your entire building is at risk, affecting its property value, the safety of its occupants and the integrity of the possessions and stock inside. Even a small leakage poses the threat of a large-scale deterioration and other major problems.

Here is how our company, Mister Roof, can protect you from the risk of having a defective roof:

1. Resistant Trusses

Our light steel truss system is our flagship product and is a stronger alternative than traditional roofing truss systems, that can be used in a broad range of building types. Our trusses benefit from the maximum galvanization coating for steel which allows for an extended lifespan & requires little to no maintenance. In addition, they can withstand adverse conditions such as heavy wind, fire, earthquakes and unlike wooden trusses they can resist termites, mold growth and other pests.

2. Leakage-Free Roofing Sheets

Mr Roof's self-locking roofing sheets considerably minimize maintenance and repair costs for our customers. They are made from pre-painted Alu-Zinc and undergo several treatments, giving them increased longevity and a low maintenance rate. Their most innovative feature is that individual sheets securely lock into one another, ensuring a perfect seal and waterproofing. The absence of direct nailing on the sheets further eliminates leakage risks. 

3. A Network of Certified Installers

As per the installation requirements of our roofing materials, our customers can rely on our network of certified installers. We train our installers to the specificity of our products in order to ensure a quality service and a durable, high-quality roof.

From the roof structure to the covering, we provide innovative, highly effective and durable materials. Our customers not only end up with a beautiful roof, but one that is also resistant and 100% waterproof.

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