New Year, New Roof: A Look Back AND Forward

In 2022, Mr Roof was introduced to Rwanda, as a provider of new and innovative roofing products set to change the face of Rwandan neighbourhoods. ​

25 November 2022 LAUNCH

Mr Roof unveiled its flagship product,  light steel frame (LSF) roofing, at an incredible launch event attended by many industry leaders, including Minister of Infrastructure Dr Ernest Nsabimana.

As highlighted at the launch event:

Mr Roof, a modern roofing company, has revealed how to make modern metal roofs that are lightweight and can be removed from one house and moved to another. The roofs made of stainless steel, which are bolted together instead of welded like other roofs.

The CEO of Mr Roof, Fatima Soleman, said that while a conventional roof can take four to three days, this new method takes one day:

"We do it ourselves and it takes less time. It helps the builder to use less time and save money. Our roofs do not require a lot of workers or need complicated machines to put them on the house."

Ms Soleman further noted that they started with a few tools to help show Rwandans and other builders the quality of their tools, confirming that they plan to expand the activities to reach different parts of the country.

In serving the client, Mr Roof first measures a house and then prepares a design of an ideal roof. LSF parts are manufactured to exact measurements, and highly-skilled technicians then quickly (within only a few days) affix the new roof to the home.

Minister Nsabimana said that this method of making these roofs is a modern technology, commonly used in other developed countries.

He said, "Steel is made from precious stones, of course, the precious stones it is made from will decrease because the heavier the metal, the more stones it carries, so the price will increase. There is a need for the cooperation of different parties in order to reduce the spread of heavy roofs, stressing that in other house building projects, the use of light and high-quality materials is encouraged. In construction of many buildings, there are projects being done in other countries to reduce concrete and steel construction, and here the method has finally arrived. We expect that once it reaches the whole country, Rwandans will benefit from it in one way or another, especially since it is not expensive."

The method of using metal in construction supports the policy of protecting the environment, since in Rwanda when people build they often cut forests to find wood to use in roofs, to build storage and so on. Mr Roof takes this another step further by not relying on wood scaffolding when constructing new LSF roofs.

What is next for Mr Roof?​

In 2023, Mr Roof Rwanda will of course continue growing from strength to strength 🦾.

Plans are already underway for many new LSF roof installations throughout the city of Kigali - keep an eye on Mr Roof's social media for updates! We will also be rolling out a series of "how-to" videos on our Youtube Channel, where viewers can watch our expert technicians and work and get handy construction tips - Mr Roof is not only a roof specialist company, but an expert in all things construction!

Most of all, Mr Roof wants to connect with all those looking to renovate, rebuild, or "roof" from scratch: NEW YEAR, NEW ROOF! We look forward to showing you how you can save time AND money, while providing you with an elegant and super-long-lasting new roof for your home.