Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day - but Your Roof Could Be!

In the construction of your new home or in any of your building projects, small delays can quickly turn into a nightmare. The main consequence of your project taking longer than expected is financial and can translate into a loss of money with serious compounding effects.  Delays are often caused by activities that do not start on time or take longer than planned, delayed deliveries of materials and weather-related conditions. The latter can cause a temporary interruption of construction activities, especially if the building is not covered yet.

Hence, the erection of a roof is an important milestone in construction as once the building is covered, it is protected from rain. In addition, most activities such as electrical works, ceiling, wall cladding, tiling and other finishing activities can only be carried out once the roof is done.

Luckily, at Mr Roof, we ensure the execution of your roofing works is done in record time. This not only saves you time in the roofing works, but also gives you a solid advantage for the activities that will follow.

Find out how we’re able to save you a lot of time and money by going faster:

1. A Detailed Design

For each of our customers, roof trusses are designed in-house by our specialized designers. This engineered detailing process takes into account the specificities of the building and provides a custom design.

2. An efficient production

The pre-engineered roof design allows for a smooth production process. All the steel components produced are pre-cut, punched, numbered and flat-packed to expedite the installation on site without compromising accuracy and precision. 

3. Rapid Installation

The flat-packed components are delivered to the site with detailed assembly plans, eliminating the need for onsite cutting. The simple assembly technique and the lightweight characteristic of our steel trusses make it easier for technicians to handle and carry, further expediting the process.

Make Sure the Roof Over Your Head, Has You Covered!